Residential Flatwork & Hardscape’s

Residential Flatwork & Hardscapes

Concrete CleaningWe create a foundation of curb appeal for your property! Best Choice Window Cleaning is Vero Beach’s source for professional flatwork and hardscape cleaning.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Hardscapes are exposed to a spectrum of issues. Our job is to erase the impact of traffic, mother nature, and other general eyesores.

Best Choice uses an innovative pressure washing solution to address your hardscapes. This uses controlled pressure and a customized cleaning product to:


  • Remove oil, grease, and other vehicle stains.
  • Remove dirt, dust, and eyesores.
  • Kill mildew, algae, and mold growth.


We Protect Your Investment
Your hardscapes are a major part of your property. We help you capitalize on every piece of flatwork to strengthen your investment and first impression. Our service will:


  • Enhance curb appeal
    A spotless and stain-free exterior will elevate your entire property
  • Prevent long-term staining and discoloration
    Our pressure washing service extracts stains and other eyesores
  • Preserve the lifetime of your hardscapes
    With regular care, your hardscapes will last for longer
  • Remove slip-and-fall risks
    We eliminate all the slick buildup that contribute to slips and falls


A Dynamic Pressure Washing Solution
We invest in the best for your property! All of our technology is dynamic, meaning that we can adjust it to bring a custom clean to your home. Our team works with:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Decorative flatwork
  • Entryways

With pressure washing from Best Choice Window Cleaning, your hardscapes and flatwork will be ready to shine!

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