Commercial Roof Cleaning


Is your roof ready to impress? Best Choice Window Cleaning is proud to bring superior roof cleaning solutions to your commercial property.

Restore Your Curb Appeal
Florida property owners face an uphill battle. Our warm, humid climate creates a perfect storm of wear and tear – and it shows on your roof.

We know what properties in Vero Beach need to deliver the best quality, and our customers can count on us to bring lasting results to their shingles. We deliver a roof cleaning solution that:

    • Restores your roofing. We remove dirt, dust and pollen. Our team also washes away mold, mildew, and algae – and we prevent it from making a comeback.


  • Removes black streaks. Black stains are common on Florida roofs, and they’re  caused by Gloeocapsa Magma. This cyanobacteria eats at your roofing and degrades their quality.


A Quality and Convenient Solution
We know that our commercial clients are working on a tight schedule. Our team provides superior service that won’t disrupt your day-to-day.

We take pride and being professional, efficient, and effective – and we always get service right the first time. Our roof cleaning service will:

  • Ensure insurance compliance: Most insurance policies require the property’s roof receives regular roof cleaning to guarantee coverage.
  • Stretch the lifetime of your roof: Your well-maintained roof will last 10 years or longer than one that is not cleaned regularly.
  • Strengthen curb appeal. Your clean roof will support the professional first impression of your property.

Our Soft Wash Service
We use soft washing to clean your roof. This light form of pressure washing isn’t just the most effective form of roof cleaning – it’s the safest. With soft washing, we can:

  • Protect your shingles from water damage
  • Clean all types of roofing
  • Remove buildup, stains, and other eyesores

Your roof is a key part of your brick and mortar location. With Best Choice Window Cleaning, every shingle will support your commercial enterprise!

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