Could DIY Pressure Washing Ruin Your Siding?

You’ve gone to your local home improvement store, you’ve rented a pressure washer, and you’re ready to get to work.

This is where well-intended house washing projects can meet their maker. The prospect sounds like a simple weekend endeavor – but the reality can be time-consuming, ineffective, and dangerous for you and your siding.

Need a house washing solution? Here are a few factors to consider.

We get the debate – to do a house washing project solo, or to tap into the expertise of professionals? Before you make a decision, think about a few important factors:

  • Equipment: Off-the-shelf pressure washing equipment at doesn’t always have the versatility to safely address your house washing needs. The pressure can be too forceful – and it can cause lasting damage to your siding.
    Our professional soft washing equipment is designed for house washing. It’s safe – and it’s effective.
  • Safety: A DIY house washing project will require a ladder, some balance, and time. Our professionals have the tools to safely wash your home exterior safely and securely from the ground level.
  • Time: A solo project can eat away at the entire day. A professional project isn’t just more efficient – it requires none of your time.

House washing is one of those property maintenance projects that is a good investment now and into the future. And when you leave the work to your professional partners at Best Choice, you know you’re getting results of value.