Vero Beach Pressure Washing

Color-Coding Your Dirty Exterior

You don’t tend to notice your home gradually get dirty. Instead, it seems to happen overnight: One day, you look at your exterior, and – poof! – it’s covered in stains.

We can sympathize with the feeling. Even the most diligent homeowners can overlook regular house washing maintenance until your exterior is already showing the strain.

That’s where the experts can swoop in. Our residential pressure washing services are designed to remove all of the issues that are bringing your exterior. In our warm Florida climate, we’ll usually find the usual suspects on your siding:

  • Green = algae
    This one isn’t always the first to show up on your home exterior, but when it does, it makes an impact. Pressure washing will remove the existing buildup and prevent it from coming back.
  • Brown = dirt
    Dirt is just one of those unavoidable facts of home ownership. Stucco homes in particular are affected by this, as the wind blows the dirt against the surface and lodges it into the porous surface. We’ve got it covered, though!
  • Black = mold
    Often revealing itself in a patch of spots or streaks, mold is one of the ugliest eyesores – and the most damaging. Our system kills mold to keep it from becoming a recurring problem.

With professionals who have the technology, the skills, and the powerful cleaners needed to restore your exterior, you’re off to a ‘curb appeal friendly’ start!